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Do you want to take your singing to the next level? Unsure if singing lessons can really help you?

If you’re here and you’re reading this – the answer is probably yes!

If you’re taking the time to research ways to improve your voice you’re probably:

A) Ready to take the next step in your vocal development.

B) Aware that you have parts of your singing you’d like to improve.

Singing lessons, using vocal exercises chosen specifically  for your voice, can help develop your singing technique. This, in turn, will resolve many of the issues you may be facing as a vocalist.

Think about this, have you ever:

  • been terrified off stage because you’re not sure if your voice will last the whole show? (Not to mention tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day.)
  • came out of an audition knowing you can sing better than  you just performed?
  • finished a gig and came off to defend the high note you missed to your friends?
  • recorded your best song but felt too embarrassed to let anyone hear it because the vocals just didn’t cut it?
  • felt like your voice has hit a plateau and not developed to the point you had envisioned?

The good news is, as singers we've all experienced these moments.


[A]s artists, our creative output is precious. We are performers but also perfectionists; yet few of us like to admit we need help.

Imagine you need surgery. Would you trust a surgeon who just has a "vibe" and "goes with the flow" or one with years of professional training?

This seems like an obvious choice. However, when it comes to singing the choice is not so black and white. As artists, we express our emotions and feel the need to carry this burden on our own. In reality this is not the case! The majority of successful singers we admire didn't make it on their own. They have a vast support network of which vocal instruction plays a major part. This is where we need to find the right balance. You can read more on the problems todays' singers face and how to overcome them on my home page at Mark's Vocal Studio.

Art is the inspiration, the emotion, the expression that captivates our audience and creates that deep connection.

Craft is the discipline, the work that most professionals commit to year after year to develop their skill. This could be for guitar, voice, dance, songwriting, golf, hockey etc. Craft allows us to be consistent. As the saying goes, you're only as good as your last show.

REMEMBER: Amateurs practice until they get it right,

Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong!

There is little point  being able to struggle through and deliver one good performance every once in a while. The people who make it to the top deliver mind blowing performances night after night. This is why developing great vocal technique is essential. If your competition loses their voice or sings flat after their first 3 songs, but you can sing your songs night after night, you have a competitive advantage. Along with songs, musicianship, image,  charisma, it's another differentiator to make you stand out as a phenomenal artist. Good technique will also help strengthen your own unique tone, the distinct sound that will make you stand out from the crowd.

As an artist and composer, I'm very protective of my art: that particular style which makes me stand out from the crowd. "Uniqueness" defines us as artists in today's congested market. For that reason I gravitated towards the Speech Level Singing technique. This technique is used by some of  music's most celebrated artists including such legends as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Julie Andrews. This technique frees you to sing with your voice and your style without imposing your instructor’s own preferences for genre and style.

Most singing problems stem from a basic inbalance between the air and muscle used to make pitch (the notes you want to sing). Balance the voice properly and it begins to work in an easy and natural way. Once the reigns of your vocal weaknesses are released you’ll have access to your complete voice. That’s when you’ll really  begin to develop a style unique to your instrument. As you begin singing more effectively, this technique will  maintain your vocal health and your style will be sustainable! Surely that sounds way better than building your style around a damaged or badly calibrated voice?

As I said at the start of this article, you're probably ready to take the next step and you'd like help to improve your voice. I'd love to help you achieve results that will transform your singing so please SCHEDULE YOUR  FIRST LESSON today!

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