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Born in Scotland, now living in Canada, I’ve travelled around the world. What led me to become a singing teacher in Vancouver?

Mark Shields

The short answer is for you, the singer reading this looking for help to find the voice of your dreams!

[N]ow for the slightly longer answer please read on. Firstly, welcome to Mark’s Vocal Studio. My name is Mark Shields and I’m a singing teacher/voice instructor based in Vancouver, Canada. I teach private singing lessons in Kitsilano, which is easy to reach from downtown, UBC or anywhere on the Lower Mainland. Don’t worry though,if you’re in a different location or if you tour often vocal lessons are also available via Skype.
Born in Scotland, I tell my story a little differently...
….from most people in the music industry. I didn’t start singing when I was 2 or win my first talent contest at 4. I was a late bloomer and I had to work hard to get to where I am today. In my teens I taught myself to play guitar and after singing in school choirs I went on to perform in the school musical productions. By 18, I moved to Manchester, England, and singing became a more serious hobby for me. After performing with several Manchester artists and the Accord Gospel choir, songwriting grew to be a huge passion of mine. This led to a semi-final placement in the UK songwriting contest and successfully reaching the final 100 from 10,000 applicants in the UK talent show “Fame Academy” (a hybrid between American Idol and Big Brother).
[I] never really cared for “singing technique”, “singing teachers” or “singing properly”. To be honest I never really understood it. I tried a number of teachers but they all tried to change the style of my voice and I liked my voice. I just wanted to sing my way even though I could hear my voice fall apart. After several years of singing, I started to lose my voice! Like a lot of singers I was supporting my passion by working in the hospitality industry. Long hours, smoky bars, lots of vocal straining/shouting, coupled with bad vocal technique could have damaged my voice permanently. Like most vocalists, I didn’t get help until the problem was pretty serious. This was mostly because I didn’t realize just how bad things were. You can read more on the problems today’s singers face and how to overcome them on my home page at Mark’s Vocal Studio.

Fortunately,  after a doctor’s consultation, I discovered the Speech Level Singing Technique (SLS). By adopting this safer way to sing, not only did I save my voice (without the need for risky surgery) but it also balanced my voice to sing better than ever before. If you feel you’re damaging your voice, if you want to ensure you’re using your voice in a safe effective way, or  you just want to reach your full potential as a vocalist please  SCHEDULE A SINGING LESSON TODAY to reap the benefits of this extraordinary technique. You may be a professional concerned for your career.  Maybe you’re a beginner who likes to sing but you’re not sure how to get started. Either way I can help you get the most from your voice.

So how does this benefit you, the singing student?

Well , I’ve been there, right where you are. Searching for answers, new techniques, tips and tricks, videos, anything to help me sing how I always dreamed I would.

  • I understand how stressful it can be if you’re a singer with a big showcase or studio session coming up.
  • I know the nerves that can be overhwelming before your first open mic performance.
  • I’ve felt the pressure of having a group rely on me as part of their choir.
  • I’m also aware of the problems that can arise with choir leaders/directors trying to change your voice to make it blend better with that group.
  • I understand the pressure of doing several performances in a week.
  • I’ve had the onset of nodules (callous like bumps on your vocal cords) and the fear of losing my voice.
  • I’ve suffered the effects of acid reflux and I’ve felt helpless and lost because I was not reaching my full potential.
  • I’ve also invested my time with numerous teachers who couldn’t help me and actually used exercises that made my voice worse.

So I’ve been in your shoes.  The good news is that this is not where your story needs to end. I went on to achieve phenomenal results with the Speech Level Singing method. As I watched others accelerate their development with this technique I decided I wanted to become a Certified Speech Level Singing teacher. As  a singing instructor I want to help singers like you reach your full potential!  This means potential without  an artficial ceiling  imposed by external restrictions.  It’s always upsetting when I meet a frustrated singer who feels they just don’t have what it takes when they’re being held back by other limitations. These include self doubt, a lack of understanding of their own voice or the influence of a teacher who really doesn’t understand their voice or how the voice functions.

Currently, I’m one of only 10 SLS teachers in Canada! Unlike many vocal teachers, as a Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor, I have to complete mandatory study hours and testing every year to retain my endorsement from Maestro Seth Riggs.

This ensures I’m up to date and providing my students with the best practices for safe and effective singing. As an SLS teacher I’m continually developing my own voice and skill as a teacher. This guarantees that I can demonstrate correct technique but also  deliver effective singing lessons.

Since studying SLS and becoming certified, I’ve worked for The Jacqueline Chadwick Academy of Performing Arts teaching voice and songwriting. I’ve also performed as the opening act for Everclear’s Art Alexakis at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto, as well as performances in BC, Alberta, Australia, LA and the UK. If you need a teacher that understands what you’re going through and has a passion to help you be the best you can be then SCHEDULE A LESSON TODAY!

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