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When You Hear “Singing Technique” What Does this Conjure Up? What’s it’s Real Purpose and Where Does it Fit in to Your Singing?

What is the role of singing technique?

  • Is it a set of rigid rules to confine the expression of a vocalist?
  • Is it an endless road of vocal exercises and monotonous scales?
  • Is it someone taking your voice and making it sound they way they’d like to hear it?
[N]o! Correct vocal technique could not be any further from these misconceptions! However, it’s easy to come to these conclusions if you study with the wrong vocal coach or singing teacher.


Technique – the Foundation of  Your Voice

A city skyline demonstrating the analogy that in singing, technique is your foundation under the surface that supports your voice that in turn supports your vocal style so it can shine like the spire of a skyscraper!

[L]et’s take a look at the image on the left. Now ask yourself, do you honestly trust the foundations of your voice? Imagine your voice is a skyscraper. Imagine the trouble you ‘d have if you had no foundation. When singing, this is technique. Technique is essential to develop and support your voice just like the foundations of a building. A common misconception is that you can get away without it. Most of the time though, much like a building with bad foundations, there is only so long you can get away without it before you start to see cracks in your voice. (You can read more on the problems today’s singers face and how to overcome them on my home page at Mark’s Vocal Studio)

Just like a skyscraper, the foundation has a very important job but should not be visible. This is the problem with so many methods of teaching. They impose a sound on your voice that makes it obvious you’ve worked with that style of teacher. This was my fear and the fear of so many singers who could benefit from voice lessons. For this reason many people believe voice lessons restrict your voice yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Your vocal style should be a collection of your strengths, not your weaknesses.”

JOHN HENNY – World Renowned Voice Instructor

Individuality is Key

[I] deeply respect the individuality of every one of my students and my job is not to change that. My job is to develop your vocal foundation, so just like a skyscraper, your voice can reach it’s full potential. With a technique that isn’t tied to any genre, your voice is free to sing anything you wish and this allows your style to sit gracefully on top of your voice and let it shine, much like the spire that sits on top of a skyscraper.

Trying to stylize and put your own personal stamp on a performance is extremely tough when:

  • you have gaps in your range
  • you strain and struggle to reach certain notes
  • you lose your voice from fatigue
  • you have breaks/flips between registers

Studying voice lessons at Mark’s Vocal Studio will help you fix these issues and many more. I can help you develop your own voice! Singing consistently through all your registers will allow you to completely focus on your performance. Then you’ll be able to express yourself with complete VOCAL FREEDOM.

Does this sound like a better way for you to sing? Why wait to have the voice you always dreamed of.  SCHEDULE YOUR FIRST LESSON TODAY and discover the greatest tool to becoming a better singer.

As a singer, I have hit the same bumps in the road you have. As a teacher I have a passion to help get you back up and on the right track towards your goals.

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